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Why Wendy?

Inspiring and creative training programs, workshops, retreats and keynotes  


To grow greatness, you need a strategy. You also often need third-party validation. Wendy's core teaching competencies include communication skills, leadership development, marketing, sales, young leadership training, generational differences, innovation and change management. She is also certified for the Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment.  

Facilitation of teams that need to uncover aspirations, define goals and get on the same page. Sorting out indecision or conflict — whether spoken or unspoken — is one of Wendy’s specialties. Her experience with leaders at various stages of their careers provides a foundation for sound approaches and advice for facilitating agreement and a way forward.


Development of curriculum that inspires and drives real change. This includes speech writing, curriculum for lead generation, creative learning, gamification and train-the-trainer programs. People are more receptive when they are having fun, and Wendy delivers endless solutions to increase participation and buy-in.


Storytelling with an impact. Wendy has visited almost every continent — most recently Australia and Asia. She has met people in the strangest and most common places and found adventure. The same thing happens when she engages with an audience. Sharing and applying stories makes the hard work of change and growth much more fun and memorable.

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